Kara Square LOGOAlright, so who created ukuambient music and why?

Convinced that the ukulele can be successfully utilized in any style of music, Kara Square is striving to prove it with her ukuambient compositions.

Kara Square is a singer-songwriter and electronic composer who has been genre-mashing since her first release in 2008 with the electro folk pop band Team Smile and Nod. Since then, she released a solo folk pop album called Love Songs for Everyone but Especially Uke [2013], a Tex-Mex guitar and ukulele surfer pop rock album with Piero Peluche (Italian multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, and producer) called Square Meter [2014], and an instrumental album called Ukulele Duels [2015]. Through her active participation on ccMixter.org, she has been remixed over 790 times. Kara Square’s music has been released on many compilation albums. Her vocals are featured on multiple tracks by acclaimed Turkish musician Murat Ses, including “Endless Dance” which won Akademia and Global Music Awards for Best Dance/Electronica Song and charted on Billboard Magazine in 2016. Kara Square founded Thinkroot Records, an indie music licensing label, in 2008 and actively composes custom music for video games, advertising, and film.